A Classical and Christian Academy Serving K-12 in the Auburn/Opelika Area
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Our Faculty

Instructional Openings

Please contact Mr. Larry Cornelius at 334-745-2464 or email at lcornelius@tcsopelika.org.


You may contact a member of our faculty by email by clicking on their name in the list below.

Pre-Polly School

Kindergarten Enrichment
1st Grade
2nd Grade
1st – 2nd Grade Art
1st – 2nd Grade Physical Education
K – 2nd Grade Music

Grammar School

3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade  Bible, English and History; 6th Grade Math and Science
5th Grade Math and Science
6th Grade English
6th Grade Bible and History
3rd – 6th Grade Art
4th – 6th Grade Latin
3rd – 6th Grade Physical Education
5th – 6th Grade Physical Education
3rd Grade Music; 4th Grade Chimes; 4th-6th Grade Trinity Trebles
5th Grade Beginning Band; 6th Grade Intermediate Band
5th – 6th Grade Band Assistant

Logic and Rhetoric School

7th – 12th Grade Trinity Singers
11th Grade Introduction to Christian Doctrine
10th Grade Survey of Art
7th – 11th Grade Science
8th Grade Algebra I
7th – 12th Grade Advanced and Jazz Band
12th Grade Personal Finance
7th Grade Keyboarding/Computer Applications; Yearbook
10th Grade New Testament Survey; Newspaper
7th – 9th Grade Bible; 12th Grade Government/Economics
9th – 12th Grade Mathematics; 12th Grade Physics
11th Grade Spanish I; 12th Grade Spanish II
8th – 9th Grade Latin
7th – 11th Grade English Literature and Composition
12th Grade Rhetoric and Apologetics
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
7th – 11th Grade History
7th – 12th Grade Band Assistant
7th – 12th Grade Physical Education

Academic Counseling and Advising

Director of Admissions and Academic Advising
Coordinator for College Preparation and Guidance




Charlene Nowell
Jessica Whittemore
Julie Kendrick
Cindy York
Dananne Milbourn
Genera Walker
Clay Dean
Christy Nall

School Secretary
School Receptionist
Clerical Assistant
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant
School Librarian
Athletic Director
Church Secretary