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Boys Soccer

Athletic Director:

Ginelle Weissinger



Head-Dick Hayley


Varsity Boys’ Registration Form
JV Boys’ Registration Form
Medical Release Form (All Players)
Waiver Form (All Players)
Extracurricular Programs (EP) Application
(Required for all students not
currently enrolled at TCS.)

2017 JV Boys Soccer Schedule

2017 Varsity Boys Soccer Schedule


AL Soccer


2014 TCS Boys Soccer GICAA Div II State Champions

2014 ICSGA State Div II Champions

2013 ICSGA State Div II Champions

2009 ICSGA State Champions

2008 ICSGA State Champions

Fall 2017

*Each student/athlete needs to be present or a passport photo has to be presented of the student that is being registered.

Forms and Fees
The soccer fee for varsity (ninth through twelfth grade) is $350. An application form and a waiver form must be filled out for each player. For students who are not currently enrolled at TCS an extracurricular programs (EP) application with its $25 per student fee, a $60 per family building and grounds fee, and a copy of the student’s birth certificate are required. Please be prepared to pay at least the 1st payment of the soccer fee; and if applicable, the EP application fee, and building and grounds fee at the meeting.

– One time payments are due by August 4. The soccer registration fee may be divided into 3 monthly payments ($118) and paid on August 4, September 1 and October 6.

– Uniforms are covered by this fee. Uniforms will be issued and must be turned in clean at the end of the season no later than November 14.

– These fees do not include soccer shoes, shin guards, wind suits, food, admission fees, and miscellaneous items. It will be the player’s responsibility to supply these.

– Therefore, for each player, a waiver form and  an application form must be turned in. In addition, for homeschoolers an EP application and a copy of a birth certificate must be turned in.

Eligibility to Practice and Play
Only players who have filled out and turned in all required forms to the TCS office and paid applicable fees will be allowed to practice and play in games.

Age Guidelines
For the 2017-2018 school year, the age range for boys is sixth through twelfth grade. Boys in kindergarten through fifth grade may participate in the C-team program that will start in March.

2016-2017 Boys Soccer Sideline

The schedule for games will be communicated by E-mail and posted on the website. Any revisions will be E-mailed  and posted to website as soon as available.

Game Schedule
We are expecting approximately 15-20 regular season games, with 8 of these games being part of the Alabama State League (ASL). A total of an additional 4 games will be played in the NACA tournament (October 24-27) and will end our season. It generally costs about $350-$400 per player to attend the NACA tournament which is in addition to the previously mentioned fees. Fundraising will be available for this tournament.

Duration of Season
The TCS boys soccer “season” will begin on July 11, end on October 31st, and last a total of 16 weeks.

Goals and Expectations of the Team
The program goals are to develop physical fitness and soccer skills; as well as the Biblical traits of physical stewardship, endurance, teamwork and perseverance in our players. Based on these, we will compete as a team at the highest possible level, and whether we win or lose we will honor God. As such, the expectation of each player is that he will participate in all practices and games to the best of his ability.