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Our Educational Philosophy

Classical Christian Education


Going beyond merely assimilating and restating facts, a classical model of education aims to teach values, truth and critical thinking. Widely used until the mid-20th century, this approach educated most of the great thinkers and artists of the Renaissance, Reformation, and early American historical periods.  A classical model also best respects the developmental stages of a child’s learning abilities, and seeks to build upon the natural stages of cognitive maturation.  The grammar stage involves the mastery of fundamentals and facts when elementary grade children naturally love to recite, sing, chant, and memorize.  The dialectic stage emphasizes critical thought and logic when middle school students naturally begin to question, challenge, and test things for themselves.  Finally, the rhetoric stage focuses on persuasive style and clear expression when young adults are becoming formidable forces in the expansion and enrichment of Christ’s Kingdom.



We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and that all subjects should be taught as part of a divinely ordered whole.  Our goal is to train children in a world and life view that is distinctly biblical, giving them the necessary foundation to serve God in every aspect of His world.  Trinity students are challenged to bring every thought captive for Christ and to use the skills and knowledge they master for glorifying God in all spheres of life.  The staff of the school is comprised of individuals of proven Christian character and commitment, who seek to provide a clear model of the biblical Christian life.  Far from merely taking on religious features, all our subjects are taught through an organically integrated curriculum, pedagogy, and culture that is specifically Christian.



Trinity Christian School exists to assist parents in their God given responsibility of educating their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Under the delegation of the family (in loco parentis), we seek to teach and discipline in a secure Christian environment of classical academic excellence.  In addition to science, history, and mathematics, our curriculum emphasizes the mastery of English, a working knowledge of classical languages, an appreciation of music and literature, and the disciplines of formal logic and rhetoric.  Our desire is to help parents cultivate in their children an enduring love of learning, a commitment to serve others, and a dedication to the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, forged from historical models of orthodox Christianity.  We aim to graduate virtuous scholars who think clearly, listen carefully, discern wisely, reason persuasively, and articulate precisely – all with an eagerness to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.