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Pre-Polly/Grammar Music

Music Notes

Pre-Polly/Grammar Music includes Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

Music is an important subject in the development of your child’s thinking as well as fine tuning their fine motor skills. At Trinity, we believe it is important to offer music classes that will build upon each other as a child progresses from one grade to another.

Director:  Mrs. Carolyn Boone

2016 Spring Choral Concert (2)K5 Music

In K5 music, students are taught the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, and posture. Kindergartners should be able to clap rhythms at sight including whole, half, quarter and eighth notes. Pitch is introduced by singing simple tunes on numbers that correspond to the scale degrees. Students are taught to sing with clear voices in unison.

First Grade

In First Grade, the musical skills learned in Kindergarten are expanded. New rhythm patterns now include triplets and sixteenth notes. Not only do the children sing simple tunes on numbers, but are encouraged to convert simple patterns sung by the teacher to scale numbers. Students are also introduced to seeing the numbers associated to the written notes on the staff. The teacher identifies where number one is located on the staff and students are able to identify the scale degree or number of the remaining notes. In the second semester students are encouraged to integrate all of the musical skills learned 2016 Spring Choral Concert (3)thus far in identifying the “Church Song of the Day” just by seeing the notes and rhythms displayed on the board. Partner songs and rounds are introduced.

Second Grade

In Second Grade, all of the skills learned in First Grade are reviewed and put into practice. Music theory is expanded by teaching the students the names of the lines and spaces of both treble and bass clef. Harmony is introduced by having the students learn their independent parts on numbers. The “Church Song of the Day” concept is in place by the third week of school. More complex songs are displayed for the students to identify.

Third Grade

In Thir2016 Spring Choral Concert (4)d Grade, students continue to put into practice singing harmony parts on numbers. Some emphasis is placed on sight singing. Students will complete a music theory workbook. No student should leave third grade not knowing how to read music. The “Church Song of the Day” is an easy task and is only used occasionally in Third Grade as a review of prior skills learned.