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Grammar School Fall Exordium

By Kathryn

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On Wednesday, October 28, Trinity held its first ever fall exordium.  Exordium in Latin has the meaning of a beginning or an introduction.  Trinity wanted to share this time with friends and family of our students to give them an example of the many things being taught and learned during the school day.  The grammar school used this time to exhibit various songs, chants and poems used in the classroom to help with memorization; which is the basis for the classical education model for this stage of learning.  It is the hope of the school to provide another exordium in the spring.

Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-1
Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-2
Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-3
Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-4
Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-5
Grammar School Exordium 10.2015-6