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2015 Drama: “Life with Father” by Clarence Day, Howard Lindsey, and Russel Crouse

By Kathryn

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Life With Father is a story about the life and times of an upper-middle class family living in New York in the 1880s.  Mr. Clarence Day is a successful stockbroker who tries to run his household with the same meticulous efficiency of his office.  In spite of his best efforts, his wife always manages to outwit him with her affectionate but zany logic. Add to the mix four children, visiting relatives, a minister, and a plot to have Father Day properly baptized, and you have a hit play that became one of the longest running non-musical plays on Broadway. 

The play is based on stories written by Clarence Day in 1935 about his father “Clair” Day, Sr., and first appeared in 1936 in the New Yorker magazine.