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By Kathryn

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On Sunday, September 20, 2015, Trinity Presbyterian Church held a service of dedication for the new sanctuary.  Pastor Chris Duncan used Haggai 2:7-9 as the basis for his sermon which he titled “The Glory of this House”.  Pastor Duncan first gave some background as a point of reference for this Scripture.  Our Lord has always provided a house of worship whether it be an Altar, the Tabernacle or Temple.  In the time of Haggai, a second Temple was being constructed after destruction of the first by the Babylonians.   The people were growing tired and Haggai encourages them stating that there is a ripple effect that a body of believers has on those around them.  An impact is made politically, socially and culturally.  God’s presence is more important than how any outward structure appears.  If Christ is in the Temple, God’s glory will be there also.  The chief glory of any church is the presence of Christ and in His presence, peace will also be given.  Without Christ, all is in vain.  Pastor Duncan concludes that the new sanctuary serves as proof that God answers prayer.  It is a standing testimony, a monument of beauty from ashes and of life from death.  “To Him alone, glory, honor and praise.”

After the service, the church generously provided a time of fellowship and a luncheon for all to share catered by Venditori’s Italian Restaurant.  It was a great time of celebration!

TPC Dedication Front of Church 2015